“Taking great photos: difficult. Taking great photos on a tight deadline: even more difficult. Taking great photos on a tight deadline, when the venue you’re photographing is in no way, shape or form ready for a photographer’s lens: really very quite difficult.

But Melissa manages to get it done.

In fact, Melissa gets it done—with a great attitude, in spite of whatever obstacles might stand in her way. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her at UrbanDaddy for a number of years, and have found her to be a consistent source of excellence. Whatever your needs are, rest assure that Mel can deliver with grace, aplomb and—most importantly—nothing less than beautiful photography.”

– Paul L. Underwood, Editorial Director, UrbanDaddy

“Melissa is one of the most talented photographers that I have ever worked with. She is a ‘jack of all trades’ who can capture the perfect photo of anything from a party scene, to a perfect dish of pasta, to a new restaurant’s interior. I have seen her go into restaurants that are still construction sites and take photos that make restaurants look like they are not only open, but also stunning.”

- Nicole Russo, owner of Nicole Russo Communications and 451 Marketing Hospitality Consultant

“Without question she is one of the most skilled and intuitive professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. Having been involved in the design, development, marketing and operations of over 100 venues, I cannot stress enough the importance and value of having exceptional images to communicate and promote your restaurant.

I also appreciate (after countless failed shoots) how difficult it can be to not only shoot food but also capture the personality of a venue. Melissa has an innate ability to not only understand the intended theme of the concept but is able to convey it exactly as I would have liked if I had her abilities. In addition to being talented, Melissa is an individual with outstanding character. Affable, accommodating, insightful are just a few of the qualities that make her a first-choice when considering a professional for my projects.

Without reservation, I would highly recommend Melissa for projects of any scope and scale.”

- Travis Talbot, Director of Business Development Red Door Hospitality | BRS Cares

“Melissa was a pleasure to work with — professional, reliable, and a great photographer.”

- Elizabeth Stefan, E-Marketing Manager at The Charles Hotel

“Melissa is the photography-equivalent of a Navy Seal. The most difficult part of a daily-publishing new source like UrbanDaddy is obtaining photos of a venue, and no matter how much the odds are stacked against her, Melissa gets it done.

If she shows up to a shoot and it’s not ready, she doesn’t leave. She does everything in her power, from re-arranging furniture to taking command of the staff, to make sure that it happens. With Melissa, the job always gets done – and more than that, done beautifully.”

-Eric Twardzik, Editor of UrbanDaddy Boston

“Melissa is fabulous to work with. Her eye for detail, professional manner, and flexibility to get the work done allows you to be able to count on her, no matter the difficulty of the shoot. Her results speak for themselves. As an added bonus, she is fun to work with allowing for a most lively, creative and enjoyable collaboration.”

-Edwina A. Kluender – Director of Communications of Mandarin Oriental, Boston

“I had the grand pleasure of enlisting Melissa’s crackerjack photo skills for almost 5 years, and her work never failed to impress, and for that matter, always hit the mark. On many occasions she was tasked with going above and beyond traditional photojournalism with any number of hair-igniting frustrations and turn-on-a-dime assignments, and through it all she never lost her zeal and eye for incredible photography, sometimes under situations of great duress, with no thinning of quality and professionalism. No other way to say it: she’s a star.”

– Daniel McCarthy, founding editor and writer for UrbanDaddy Boston, and current Editor in Chief of DigBoston