About Me…

In 2003, I moved to Boston to pursue a career in journalism, after graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park. I began a career at the Boston Phoenix and there began my Boston adventure.

While there I returned to school taking classes at New England School of Photography, and started freelancing in 2005.

In 2008, I left the Phoenix as a full-time employee and went out on my own as a Freelance Photographer full-time.

My photography career began with parties and events. Then I followed my heart to photojournalism, working for many publications, PR agencies, and Websites. It was while freelancing at Stuff magazine and the Boston Phoenix that I caught the restaurant bug – I loved taking photos of food and interiors. I continued that pattern into my position at UrbanDaddy, taking interior photographs of every new restaurant that opened in Boston. The restaurants and hotels liked the photos so much that many of them purchased them or hired me for other jobs; and there began my career in the food and interior arena.

I love capturing the heart of a space, expressing the mood and feel of a place via a photograph. I enjoy making a person’s mouth water and stomach grumble with just a picture. This to me is the ultimate still life. Like a Highlight magazine game, I make sure nothing is out of place. Every chair is pushed in and everything is in its place. I search for the shapes, light, level, and composition that best expresses the beauty or uniqueness of a space or dish. I make art from others’ visions, whether it be an interior designer or a chef. I aim to capture their vision for all of time.